So you’re considering a move.

We’re honoured that you’d think about selling your house with us, and we’d welcome the chance to explain why our staff is the best to assist. We are a vibrant, distinctive, and wholesome group of extraordinary people who join together to share our love of providing care for others.

In order to provide our customers with individualised and exceptional service, we are committed to remaining at the forefront of our sector. To do this, we use technology, creative marketing, and high-quality customer service…

a little goes a long way

1. Mulch

When selling your house, presentation is everything, and you don’t need a lot of money to make sure you give it the best chance to stand out. A little paint, mulching the gardens, and pressure cleaning go a long way!

Think spring clean all year round

2. De Clutter

Less is absolutely more when it comes to marketing a home since it helps potential buyers feel at ease.  It also helps potential buyers envision themselves relocating and living there.  Before taking shots, pack as much as you can, removing personal belongings and family pictures to make the space less personal.

early bird gets the worm

3. Get in touch with us early

To get advice on how to increase your sale price, consult with an agent before beginning any major projects or spending hours cleaning the grout in the bathroom.  Sellers frequently invest time, money, and effort into endeavours that the buyer will hardly notice.  Even if you’re not planning to move for a year, get in touch with us, we’re ready to help!​

A little goes a long way

4. Trust

As with hiring any professional, consult with friends and family to acquire their recommendations for people they’ve worked with in the past and to locate someone with whom you connect.  One of the most important considerations when hiring an agent should be comfort and trust because how you feel about this person will reflect on how your purchasers feel. ​

everyone has an opinion

5. Money Isn't Everything!

Don’t let the promise of a price mislead you.  Everybody has an opinion about what something is worth in the market, and these judgments will always vary from buyer to buyer, agent to agent, and seller to seller.  When evaluating agents, go with the one who has the best track record and a clear plan for getting the best outcome for you.  If a great agent’s negotiating skills and marketing plan can ensure the highest potential sale price for your house, they shouldn’t cost you anything.

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