Quarterly Finance Update

by the Gold Coast Mortgage Broker

Well it’s been a difficult period for mortgage holders with three consecutive rate rises in July, August and September. Increases over that period were 0.50% each time and this has brought the cash rate from 0.10% in April to 2.35% at the end of September.

In October the Reserve Bank met and increased the cash rate by 0.25%.

This is a welcome change from the blunt hit a 0.50% increase has had over the last few months. Recently I commented that any further increases should be in smaller increments as most homeowners who took out a mortgage in the last 18 months have only been stress tested by their banks at a buffer of 2.5% to 3%.

Given that the cash rate has now lifted to 2.60% since May, any further increases will push beyond that buffer and those mortgage holders will be under extraordinary pressure and strain in their household budgets going forward. This is why I hope that the Reserve Bank will be more conscious in their decision-making going forward.

The rental market here in southeast Queensland is exceptional for investment property owners with rental yields in the 5% to 6% range representing a premium return on investment as compared to other major markets like Sydney and Melbourne.

Affordability for renters though is a worry with record low vacancy rates and high demand pushing asking rents up. A recent article by the ABC showed that the Gold Coast had the second-biggest hike in advertised rent since the pandemic, up more than 43% nationally.

If you’ve had your current mortgage for more than 2 years then now would be a good time to ask me if your on a good interest rate. In the last 6 months we’ve been able to refinance many clients and reduce their interest rate by as much as 1.8%. Currently we have almost a dozen banks offering cash rebates to refinance your home loan. Some of these rebates are as much as $4,000 to you.

Your bank won’t tell you about a lower interest rate, but I will!

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